Resourceful Pumpkin

Resourceful Pumpkin

Ok, so this isn’t an example of design, but it does demonstrate the idea of making the most of resources. This halloween, me and friends carved a pumpkin. I was struck that here we were about to throw the majority of it away, and eventually, all of it would end up in the bin. To avoid this, I decided to save the seeds, and toasted them to get a crunchy snack. I also saved 10 seeds which I will dry, and then replant, hopefully growing my own pumpkin for next year. Using the carved out flesh of the pumpkin I made a really simple and warming soup. After the novelty of the carved pumpkin had passed, I chopped it up and blended it with apples and sweet spices to create a pumpkin and apple smoothie- sounds bizarre but tastes great. I will never look at the humble pumpkin in the same way again!


Striving for Sustainable Design

I have never kept a blog before, yet it seems to be common practice these days. My friends are often talking about their blogs, or blogs that were funny or inspirational. It’s just never taken my fancy. I love keeping physical journals and scrapbooks, I love collecting and discovering information and ideas, so really I should be suited to the blogging world.  I think it is just a case of reluctance to move towards a digital platform (and my lack of computer based ability!). But, as was probably inevitable, I must now begin a blog as part of the “territories of practice” strand of my BA in Interior and Spatial Design. The focus of this blog will be to document my research and ideas surrounding Sustainability in Design.

I have had a real awareness and interest in the impact that we have on the environment since I was about twelve or thirteen, when blue recycling bins were introduced, and a neat little leaflet explaining and promoting the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle process came through the letterbox.

I take environmental considerations during my day to day life, hoping that turning the tap off when I brush my teeth, recycling my waste, and using cotton instead of plastic bags makes at least a tiny difference. But what if I want to make a bigger difference?

I am hoping to become a designer, Maybe even an architect one day, and I am growing more and more conscious of the fact that these professions use an enormous amount of materials, use an enormous amount of energy and result in an enormous amount of waste. For this reason, I think designers have a responsibility to think and work in a sustainable manner, because they can make a big difference. I am keen to explore the ways in which designers have, and are continuing, to make this difference, ultimately adopting and developing sustainable ways to produce my own work.

I am not sure I will get this blog quite right, but I hope it will become a place to store and share inspiration, ideas and knowledge.