Ted Ten- Design for ethical production

This strategy encourages designers to source fair trade materials, use suppliers that provide safe working environments that abide by codes of conduct, and choosing local resources where possible.

Bruno Pieters declared itself the first 100% transparent company in 2011. By this, they mean that customers can go to their website and easily find honest and detailed information about the product they are buying- the manufacturing details, the source and production of materials, the carbon footprint, even “price calculation”.  I think this is brilliant. If every company was obligated to provide such in depth information, then every company would think a lot more carefully about the products they are selling, and to keep any kind of customer surely have to improve their policies. The transparent approach should apply to all products, not only clothing. Furniture companies should reveal where they sourced their wood for example, and weather it is FSC certified.

Reference: 5/11/2013, http://brunopieters.com/home.htm, website

More frequently now we do see large, mainstream companies like H&M and Marks and Spencer promoting themselves for being ethically environmental and responsible. H&M are currently running a campaign which invites customers to fill a bag of clothes to recycle and take them to a store in exchange for a £5 shopping voucher. Of course, H&M are not doing this out of pure generosity, they will make financial gains from the scheme, but It goes some way to getting more people the recycle their clothes.

Reference: “Design for Ethical Production” Lecture.

The Story of stuff is a really informative video about the life cycle of products. It covers everything concisely. I found the part about ethical production most poignant, and it really made me think twice about the cheap “stuff” that I buy.

Reference:- 5/11/2013, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLBE5QAYXp8, video website

This lecture really made me realise that being sustainable and environmentally responsible concerns more than just the impact we have on the planet and it’s resources, it concerns the effect we have on the lives of other people too.