saving money, saving resources

One thing I have realised over the past couple of weeks is the relationship between abundance and use.
As a student, my budget is really tight. As a result, I am eager to be very resourceful in order to please my purse.  I ensure that I use up every last scrap of food I buy in one way or another. I won’t throw away bread if it gets a little stale or even shows signs of mould (just chop those bits off and toast- you’d never know!). I buy the basic range foods when it comes to beans and pastas and fruits and veg, which are unlikely to be organic, but they are packaged very minimally, unlike some more expensive brands with which you pay for fancy packaging overload I admit this is really very appealing, but drastically un necessary in all honesty). I would never pay for bottled water, I just always carry a re useable bottle with me, which day to day saves a lot of plastic. I am really careful with the paper that I use, it would be so easy to get through sheets and sheets of the stuff as an art student, but I draw and sketch onto old metro papers, only using cartridge paper when it comes down to final pieces because it’s so costly. This year, I will definitely be buying recycled paper, in fact I much prefer the unbleached and fibrous  papers that feel much softer and give my drawings a bit of life. There are many other little examples, and I know I have become a lot more savvy than when I was at home, living off my parents money! It is an extra incentive to be creative with the things I use now realising not only does it save money, but reduces my impact on the planet too.

Over the course of my project I want to seek out as many ways as possible to be more sustainable when producing my work  and perhaps track how this effects the financial costs as well, because I just hate it when people say “our budget did not allow for the more environmental option…” and other excuses along those lines.