Amazing Books

I have loved learning more about sustainability, and the issue is becoming increasingly important to me. I know there is so much more I need to learn, and I went on the hunt for some books to read and gain knowledge of more views, perspectives and approaches to sustainable design. 

After a lovely day browsing through London’s book shops here is my reading list:-



SINCLAIR. C, 2006, Design Like You Give A Damn, New York, Metropolis Books

(image reference: 10/01/2014,, website)




Lupton. E and Miller. A, 2009, Design For A Living World, New York, Cooper-Hewitt/National Design Museum

(image reference: 10/01/2014,, website)



Schwartz. M and Waugh. E, 2011, Recycling Spaces: Curating Urban Evolution, California, Novato

(image reference: 10/01/2014,, website)



Richardson.P, 2007, XS Green: big ideas, small spaces, London, Thames and Hudson

(image reference: 10/01/2014,, website)


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